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Adventures in Identity

| Center For New Music


Center For New Music
55 Taylor St 94102
All ages

From the organizer

Who and what could you become, if you didn't insist on being just you? Since you didn't choose or design your own personality, why are you so attached to it? What advantages could you gain by expanding your identity?

This one-hour workshop is an invitation to a greatly expanded identity, with which comes expanded capability: perceptually, socially, psychologically, emotionally.

In only a single hour, we will delve deeply into important questions of identity, and engage in a set of exercises bound to trigger both insight and lively discussion. This is intended as a guided, beautiful experience. Open yourself up, and both choose and surrender to transformation to an expanded self.

We have only one hour for this. Please be on time.

Thanks, and see you there!

Presented by Proteus Workshops

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