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Celebrate the Holidays With The Faeries of the 50 Chumasero Memorial Garden

| 50 Chumasero Dr

Lake Shore

50 Chumasero Dr 94132
All ages
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From the organizer


In one award-winning Garden, the Faeries of San Francisco will celebrate Christmas as only they know how to do it: with … Faerie Lights.

Sustainable Magic of San Francisco - winner of sfbeatiful's Freidel Klussmann Award will be lighting up the 50 Chumasero Memorial Garden with 5000 faerie lights. It will be topped with a 4' star (see video clip) to be lit at 5:30, Sunday, December 10 to by young Parkmerced residents.

This is a first for the Faeries of the Garden (it's Portal named by King Oberon Himself as the Official Faerie Portal of San Francisco) and will prove to be a Christmas lights attraction for the area.

The entire Garden will be lit from 6-8 PM on Dec 12, 16, 19 and 23rd for security reasons. Extra precautions against vandals are being taken.

Come enjoy the Christmas Season at the 50 Chumasero Memorial Garden in the back of Parkmerced’s 50 Chumasero Tower.  

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