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Past Event

Hot Air Music Festival 2018

Civic Center
Hayes Valley

All ages
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From the organizer

Hello Everyone! This year marks our 9th annual music marathon! We’ll be going from 11am to 9pm on Sunday, February 25th. As always, admission is FREE and open the the public, but donations are appreciated.

The day will be divided into 4 sessions with musicians and composers performing in the Conservatory's three performance spaces: Osher Salon, Sol Joseph Recital Hall, and Caroline H. Hume Concert Hall.


- Siroko Duo
Victoria Hauk and Jessie Nucho, flute

- Kate Outterbridge
Moonshadow Sunshadow, Vanessa Lann
Kate Outterbridge, violin

- Mia Pixley, cello and voice
- The Meowllennial Duo
Cats in the Kitchen for Flute, Oboe and Electronics, Phillip
Evan Pengra-Sult, flute
Elena Sloman, oboe

- SFCM Percussion Quartet
Mallet Quartet, Steve Reich
Mika Nakamura and Sam Rich, marimba
Diego Becerra and Tim Padgett, vibraphone

- Daniel De Togni
This is a Flower, not a gun, Daniel De Togni
Divesh Karamchandani and Elizabeth Hall, percussion

- Lauren Chandler
150mg, a Collection of Art Songs, Roman Baransky
Lauren Chandler, voice

- Taylor Chan
Olive Orchard from Picture Studies, Adam Schoenberg
Taylor Chan, piano

- SFCM Brass Quintet
Red Hummingbird Trail and Sonata from Vespers, Kile Smith
The Other Side of the Sky, Taylor Joshua Rankin

- The Rosehip Orchestra
The New Phonometrician, Omar Akrouche
Omar Akrouche, multimedia

- Jungeun Kim
Piano Sonata No.1, Carl Vine
Jungeun Kim, piano

- Daniel Pate
These Broken Things, Nathan Hudson
Daniel Pate, percussion

- Brian Mark
Breathe, Brian Mark
New Keys
Regina Myer and Anthony Porter, piano

SESSION 2: 1:30PM – 5:30PM
- Alex Stein
Two Fantasies for Piano, Alex Stein
Alex Stein, piano

- Nikolai Teich
Tapan Bie, Nikolai Teich
Nikolai Teich, piano
Knox Barber, double bass
Christian Burgs, drums

- Ruben Naeff
Aftermath, Ruben Naeff

- TaiHei Ensemble
Xun, Li Tao
Descent to Bells, Brooke Chen Herndon
Li Tao, piano
Samuel Lord Kalcheim, violin
Calvin Yue, clarinet

- Winnie Nieh
Maya’s Earthquakes, Peter Engelbert, composer and Erin
Bregman, librettist
Winnie Nieh, soprano and violin
Justin Sun, marimba

- Shawne Workman
Cinq Petit Morceaux, Shawne Workman
Chelsea Wong, piano

- Keyed Kontraptions
Ji, Yangfan Xu
Strawocktopuss, Joseph M. Colombo
Meerenai Shim, contrabass flute
Kris King, contraforte

- SopraDuo
Alexandra Iranfar and Tim Sherren, guitar

- Mouthscape Contemporary Choir
Performing works by Maciej Bałenkowski, Lukas Janata, Bryan
Lin, Michael Smith and Patricia Wallinga

- Giacomo Fiore and Larry Polansky, guitar

- Alexandra Armantrading
Mirabai Songs, John Harbison
Alexandra Armantrading, voice

SESSION 3: 4PM – 7:30PM
- Marian Yang
Dandelion for Violin and Electronics, Mary Kouyoumdjian
Marian Yang, violin

- Brian Ciach
Chaconne for Cello and Electronic Music, Brian Ciach
Nicholas Denton-Protsack, cello

- Nicholas Protsack Denton
Cosmology for Cello and Prerecorded Electronics, Nicholas
Nicholas Denton-Protsack, cello

- Friction Quartet
Ecstatic Burial, Yangfan Xu
Black Angels, George Crumb
Otis Harriel and Kevin Rogers, violin
Taija Warbelow, viola
Doug Machiz, cello
Shuxin Meng, pipa

- Carl Schimmel
Roadshow for Otto, Carl Schimmel
Andrew Friedman, clarinet/bass clarinet
Joyce Lee, flute
Jungeun Kim, piano
Bridget Pasker, cello

- Jeff Anderle, clarinet/ bass clarinet
God Bless the Child, Eric Dolphy
Press Release, David Lang
The Sacred Teaching of the Lonely Goose, Cornelius Boots

- The Living Earth Show
Andy Meyerson, percussion
Travis Andrews, guitar


Ryan Brown
PREMIERE of Mortal Lessons, Ryan Brown
Taylor Chan and Chelsea Wong, piano
Mika Nakamura, Tim Padgett, Taylor Joshua Rankin and Sam Rich, percussion
Tonia D'Amelio, Justin Montigne, Samuel Faustine, and Sidney Chen, voice

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