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Just Another Zombie Holiday Show

| Exitheatre


156 Eddy St 94102
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From the organizer

Just another rehearsal on another night for another holiday burlesque show. Or is it? Some of the cast are late. (Well some of them are always late). But then they start showing up. And one of them shows up with what appears to be a bite mark, a bloody arm, a fever, and then passes out on the floor. So, what do you do when you figure out that you are in a theatre, in the middle of San Francisco during a zombie apocalypse? Well, we might as well rehearse, because the show must go on. Assuming the audience doesn't eat us.
By DIVA or Die Burlesque
A Production of The EXIT Theatre
featuring: DeeDee Queen, Dee Os Mios, Devyl Mae Kare, Lady Malavendra, Ophelia Coeur de Noir, Red Velvet, Scarlet Conte, The Velvettes Cancan Troupe
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