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Lift a Brush for Oakland's Ghost Ship

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Lift a Brush for Oakland's Ghost Ship

Life is a challenge; it gives the test first and the lesson later. All the meanwhile, it pushes and stretches your soul. It's a never-ending struggle, from the very beginning to the bittersweet end. We get a thought stuck in our heads and we roll with it. We go with the only thing we know trust and hope. It can lead you to some magical places, ones you've only dreamed of. This is if, you have the courage to. Thankfully, it leads us to experience that no painting can show us, no book can be read about and no piece of technology can process. It can lead us to a community that makes us feel alive, pushes us to our goals and give us purpose. And it takes us to the end. As artists, like Vincent van Gogh said, "I would rather die of passion than boredom." No matter the risk or the danger we push to create and form a community. Nothing can stop us. Not even the worst of elements. It only binds us; it makes the inner fire burn stronger. We the artists, otherwise known as 'freaks', 'outcasts', and 'aliens', have come to your world to show you real selfless love through creation. In light of the recent tragedy at the Oakland Ghost Ship, the Lottie Rose Gallery will be hosting an art show fundraiser for the affected artists. As we mourn the loss of some creative energy here in the Bay Area, we must stand together and help bring some love to those in need. As well as celebrating life, let us work together to raise funds and awareness of those in need.

Silent Auction from 5 - 10 pm on January 14 th 2017.

Live Music

Art Healing

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Beer and wine for donation

Come and join us at the Lottie Rose Gallery for an evening of art and healing, January 14 th 2017 5 - 10 pm.

Presented by Firehouse Art Collective

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