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Rethink Your Purpose: Find Harmony in Work, Business & Life With Amy Vetter

| Glow Yoga & Wellness

North Beach

Glow Yoga & Wellness
1548 Stockton St 2nd Fl 94133
Please purchase Amy's book in advance to use during the workshop:
All ages
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Is it getting harder to find success in your career? Or are you having a hard time getting into your groove as an entrepreneur?

Business executive, serial entrepreneur, CPA, yogi, and author, Amy Vetter, can help you rekindle or find the spark you desire for your career and business.

Come join us for this free talk and workshop to get Amy’s insights and actionable best practices on how to find work-life harmony based on her new book: Business, Balance and Bliss: How the B3 Method Can Transform Your Career and Life.

Backed by scientific research and illustrated by Amy’s own life lessons and the experiences of other business leaders and entrepreneurs, the B3 Method will help you learn how to live a more harmonious, impactful life at work and home.

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Please purchase Amy's book in advance to use during the workshop:

About Amy:

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Amy Vetter is an accomplished business executive, serial entrepreneur, national speaker, CPA, and yoga instructor. As a third-generation woman entrepreneur, Amy has launched and sold multiple businesses including owning and operating her own yoga studios, accounting practice and other business ventures. Amy has also held a variety of corporate leadership roles. Throughout her 20-plus years in business, Amy has coached hundreds of small business owners on how to start and grow their businesses. During this time, she has also learned valuable insights on how to achieve work-life harmony to live a more fulfilled, purposeful life as an entrepreneur and business leader. Amy regularly contributes her insights to Entrepreneur and Learn more at and follow her at @AmyVetterCPA.

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