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Sprouts SF Winter Camp!

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We are beyond thrilled to announce that our SF Winter Culinary Camp Series is NOW OPEN! Bring in the new year with us as we learn industry secrets and culinary tricks from our fancy chef friends at E&O, In Situ, Feastly, Macy's and more!  Plus hang with our newest, most talked-about restaurant partner yet - In Situ, named "America's most original new restaurant" by the NY Times! From cooking at SF MoMA to preparing a feast with the executive chef at the iconic Tosca Cafe - we'll be living the culinary dream!

Brace yourself - we're charging through this week at full speed! We'll be delving into one of the richest culinary mecca's in the ... world!  Some of the highlights we are excited about are cooking at Tosca Restaurant with Chef Josh, one of Jamie Oliver's close friends (!!), and Chef Greg at 3rd Cousin. We will also spoil ourselves with the state-of-the-art kitchens at Macy's, and cook around the world at In Situ. And if the weather permits, we'll squeeze in a trip to an urban farm!

Tuesday, January 2nd
Guest Chef from Feastly
Exec Chef of E&O Kitchen and Bar

Wednesday, January 3rd
Executive Chef of Tosca
Guest Chef of In Situ

Thursday, January 4th
Owner/Chef of 3rd Cousin
Exec Chef of Precita Park Cafe

Friday, January 5th
Chef David Cao of Le Patton
Macy's Test Kitchen with Chef Holden

Tuesday, January 2nd - Friday, January 5th
Pick-Ups and Drop-Offs at Various SF locations, depending on the day's restaurant line-up

We accept up to 15 aspiring chefs, 7-12 years old
We will accept 2 Junior Counselors, 13-15 years old

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Aprons + Chef Kit Totes + T-Shirts + Sweatshirts

Buy a Sprouts' apron, chef kit tote bag, t-shirt, or sweatshirt! 
We'll bring it to camp on your first day and you can cook in style during the week!

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