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The 48 Hills Pre-Trumpocalypse Happy Hour

| Stud The


Stud The
399 9th St 94103
$25 minimum donation
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From the organizer

January 19. The last day before the dreaded Presidential Inauguration. Our final moment of freedom before a horrid human Cheeto strolls into the Oval Office and puts the whole world's future at risk! (Our apologies to Cheetos.)

Let's gather to communicate, commiserate, have a couple cocktails, and -- most importantly -- start planning a strong, Progressive response to institutionalized oligarchy, xenophobia, racism, and misogyny. Now more than ever, it's up to us to spread San Francisco values to the world. 

Please join Progressive media leader 48 Hills (Tim Redmond, Sana Saleem, Marke B), members of the SOS! Save Our Stud!!! collective (the worker/owner co-op which just purchased the beloved 50-year-old Stud bar in SoMa), and a stellar array of SF progressive speakers and guests. 

There will also be strong cocktails, small bites, light entertainment, and a spirit of determination and hope that we can resume the path to diversity, equality, human empathy, and Progressive politics. 

***TO ATTEND*** This is a fundraiser for 48 Hills. Please support local alternative media by donating $25 here ( or at the door for entry. Those who donate online will have their name held at the door. 

Let's keep the Progressive torch lit!

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