Passenger Traffic Dips 5.9% at John Wayne Airport, SoCal's Airy Oasis in October Skid

Passenger Traffic Dips 5.9% at John Wayne Airport, SoCal's Airy Oasis in October SkidSource: Google Street View
Jake Rodriguez
Published on November 29, 2023

Travelers seem to be curbing their enthusiasm for hitting the skies from Orange County's premier airport. In a report released by John Wayne Airport, October saw a noticeable dip in airline passenger traffic, underlining a 5.9% fall in comparison to the same month last year, with the total count dropping from 1,079,792 to 1,015,935 itchy-footed souls.

Despite the allure of autumn travel, the statistics suggest that fewer people are taking to the skies. October's data signals not just a decline in passenger numbers but also a less buzzing backdrop of airplane takeoffs and landings. The airfield saw commercial and commuter aircraft operations tailing off by 3.7% and a hefty 37.4%, respectively, a blow to the institution that's much more than a gateway to sunny SoCal paradises.

While the immediate figures might flash warning lights, optimism could be gleaned from the broader canvas. The year-to-date numbers still show a 5.4% increase in total passengers from last year. So, could this monthly decrease be a temporary dip, or is it a sign of a long-term descent? That's for the analysts to wrestle over.

Operating as the heartland for many journey starts and ends, John Wayne’s total aircraft operations in October slid to 25,252, a mild 2.9% decrease compared to the figures posted in the previous year. Southwest Airlines, as per the airport’s records, carted most passengers among its contemporaries, securing the top spot with over 307,509 travelers boarding its planes. American Airlines and Alaska Airlines didn't lag far behind, clocking in 164,118 and 158,617 passengers, their fuselages filled with stories of business trips, family visits, and maybe a few holiday escapades.

Meanwhile, cargo moved through the skies at almost a stable pace. The airport ushered through 1,465 tons of air cargo in October, marking a barely noticeable increase of 0.3%. While passenger numbers may have hit a rough patch, it appears commerce continues to soar unfazed, a silver lining for the economic trade winds at this bustling aerial crossroads in Southern California.