Los Angeles Basks in Luminous Wildlife Magic with L.A. Zoo Lights, Animals Aglow

Los Angeles Basks in Luminous Wildlife Magic with L.A. Zoo Lights, Animals AglowSource: Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association
Jake Rodriguez
Published on November 21, 2023

Los Angeles marks the arrival of the winter season with its much-loved holiday tradition, the L.A. Zoo Lights: Animals Aglow. With a run that continues until January 7, 2024, the event offers an attractive wildlife-themed spectacle according to L.A. City's Twitter and L.A. Zoo's website. The display, creating an impressive tableau through luminous sculptures of animals, flowers, and towering trees, offers a uniquely nature-centric twist to the holiday merriment.


The current season introduces fresh holiday spectacles, inclusive of a Winter Wildlands zone, highlighting towering pine trees, illuminated ice crystals, wintry animals, and a view designed to emulate the nearby northern lights. The event gives guests a chance to capture the moment with perfect photo spots, ideal for creating lasting memories. VIP experiences and community nights add to the overall merriment of the L.A. Zoo Lights visit.

The ticket purchase for L.A. Zoo Lights: Animals Aglow also supports the Zoo's wildlife conservation mission and fosters community development, as per the Zoo's website. Therefore, the event is not just an evening of festive illumination and joy but also a contribution towards a meaningful cause: promoting wildlife conservation and strengthening communities.

Set in L.A.'s vibrant heart, the holiday event offers locals and tourists alike an unparalleled celebration, merging holiday charm with the allure of nature. The stunning visuals, coupled with the strong conservation mission, crown L.A. Zoo Lights: Animals Aglow as an event that extends beyond mere holiday decoration, creating value for its guests and the wider community.

As the holiday season closely approaches and city life begins to buzz, consider visiting the L.A. Zoo Lights: Animals Aglow. Experience the city's gleaming winter tradition while also supporting a cause that champions wildlife and broader community health. To secure their place, guests can purchase tickets directly from the L.A. Zoo's website until the event concludes on January 7, 2024.