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Published on November 01, 2023
Los Angeles Clippers Gain James Harden, Two Others, in Blockbuster Philadelphia 76ers TradeSource: Wikipedia/James Harden

Yesterday, a huge trade took place in the NBA, with the Los Angeles Clippers landing James Harden from the Philadelphia 76ers, along with P.J. Tucker and Filip Petrusev. The 76ers, in return, snagged Marcus Morris Sr., Nicolas Batum, Robert Covington, Kenyon Martin Jr., an unprotected 2028 first-round draft pick, two second-round picks, a 2029 pick swap, and one additional first-round pick from a third party, as reported by KTLA.

Joining the likes of Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, and Russell Westbrook, the 2018 NBA MVP and he who is a 10-time All-Star Harden strengthens the Clippers' competitive edge in the Western Conference. With these four Southern Californians having a combined total of 32 All-Star Game selections, the Clippers' potency in the league is seemingly reinforced.

An opposing perspective, however, argues that this trade may not be a surefire path to triumph for the Clippers. Sports Illustrated has pointed out the age of key players: 35-year-old Russell Westbrook, 33-year-old Paul George, and 32-year-old Kawhi Leonard. The synergy of these older players and their performance in the postseason could yet pose an obstacle to the Clippers' championship ambitions, despite their apparent strength on paper.

In addition to this, the Clippers' powerful new lineup could potentially destabilize the position of the Lakers in the Western Conference. Lakers fans may be understandably anxious, but the Sports Illustrated piece encourages them not to disregard the potential influence of age on the Clippers' postseason performance. Harden's inconsistent playoff history and Leonard and George's propensity for injuries might still dictate the new Clippers team's trajectory.

While Harden's first game as a Clipper has yet to be announced, it has been confirmed that he will not make an appearance in the upcoming Tuesday match against the Orlando Magic, according to KTLA.