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Published on November 09, 2023
Napa County's $5M Rental Assistance Pilot Program to Aid Homeless Seniors in the Bay AreaSource: Google Street View

Today, Napa County's Department of Housing and Homeless Services (DHHS) received accreditation for a grant of up to $5 million. This is for the inception and execution of the Bay Area Housing Finance Authority (BAHFA) Rental Assistance Pilot Program. The program's goal is to provide aid to the burgeoning homeless senior population at risk due to the extreme rent burden as shared by the County of Napa.

Among the five potential tactics, Napa County's strategy, recognized for utilizing a broad network of relationships promptly, was chosen. This, according to BAHFA, comprises a conglomerate of community-rooted service providers. The effectiveness of the pilot program relies on the continuous alliance of these regional partners and the fortitude and resourcefulness of DHHS.

Napa County CEO Ryan Alsop shed light on how crucial such endeavors can be while maintaining the dignity of the county's housing and homeless services, stating, "The pilot lead us further in committing to aid the most vulnerable residents in our community," according to the County's statement.

Financial and health crises, being significant turning points in the lives of seniors, are attributed to properties such as the rising numbers of homeless seniors. Within Napa County alone, seniors take over 10% of the homeless population into account. The BAHFA Rental Assistance Pilot Program endeavors to deal with this directly by providing stability and rental help to approximately 180–200 seniors each month, with a sustainable housing focus.

Besides $5 million from BAHFA, Napa County DHHS will leverage an additional $1.6 million from local funding sources for the program's kick-off phase, highlighting the force of collective determination and effort to bring about significant changes.