Sugar Land Splashes Out $4.9M on Drainage Magic to Keep Streets Dry

Sugar Land Splashes Out $4.9M on Drainage Magic to Keep Streets DrySource: Google Street View
Alyssa Ford
Published on November 23, 2023

The Sugar Land City Council has unclogged the budget pipes, flushing a cool $4.9 million into a construction job aimed at keeping Covington West and Imperial Woods' streets above water. This drainage Donald Trump just approved is one piece of a hefty $90.76 million bond that Sugar Landers gave the thumbs up to back in 2019.

Serving up the scoop on much-needed infrastructure revamps, the city's official announcement details the project's strategic master plans.

Over $47 million was earmarked strictly for drainage drama fixes, and the Covington West and Imperial Woods section is supposed to kick off in December. Patience is a virtue, dear residents, as the city's engineering maestro, Jessie Li, expects this saga to wrap by fall 2024. Li told Sugar Land's press, "This project is intended to increase our capacity to move stormwater and decrease street ponding within the Covington West and Imperial Woods neighborhoods." The project is also touted to synergize with two earlier drainage projects, which will smile nicely on that Covington Woods drainage ditch.

Apparently, city staff wrangled a killer deal—a 30-year zero-interest loan from the Texas Water Development Board for the whole shebang, design and construction included.

Expect a splash of community engagement with a public meeting schedule to flow in after Thanksgiving, just before the bulldozers roll out. The city's being a good neighbor though, promising to keep the noise down online with HOA heads-ups and across the social media grapevine about impending lane closures. Residents itching for the latest dish on these capital improvements are directed to bookmark or sign up at to stay updated on the construction gossip and any service hiccups caused by maintenance merrymaking.