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Published on February 01, 2024
Arlington's Paletería Oasis Serves Authentic Mexican Treats with Family-Crafted FlavorsSource: City of Arlington, Texas

If you're craving a splash of Mexican zest amidst the heart of Texas, you might want to quickly head over to Paletería Oasis in Arlington. Recently featured on the city's "Arlington Eats" segment, the shop is serving up an authentic taste of Mexican delights - from homemade popsicles to ice cream, and a variety of savory snacks.

Manager Adriana Chávez, the family-driven force behind the enterprise, takes pride in their approach to treat-making, ensuring a kitchen brimming with natural flavors and traditional techniques, "The taste alone, the things we do here are basically homemade, like the ice creams my mom went to Mexico to get recipes and all that. It’s like a taste that comes from there. We use natural flavors for everything," she said, as per the City of Arlington, Texas.

The Chávez family journeyed to Arlington from Houston two decades ago and decided to plant their business roots in the city known for embodying the American dream. Six years into their venture, Paletería Oasis has bloomed from a modest paletería to a neighborhood staple for those eager to indulge in genuine Mexican snacks. Alongside their colorful array of popsicles and ice creams, patrons can also sip on aguas frescas or bite into a variety of hearty offerings such as ceviche, tortas, and even hot dogs.

Constantly striving to diversify their menu, Adriana hinted at the philosophy that keeps their flavors fresh, "It’s something my mom and my dad always try to do, put more variety to the menu so when people come, they have something to choose," she explained. In a city teeming with culinary choices, Paletería Oasis emerges as a beacon of comfort for those to swiftly find a taste of Mexico far from its borders, according to the City of Arlington, Texas.

For those itching to get their hands on these delectable treats, Paletería Oasis stands at 2202 New York Ave Ste 916. Adriana's love for the city is clear, and with a smile, she affirmed her contentment saying, "I love Arlington, I wouldn’t go back to Houston", as per the City of Arlington, Texas.