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Published on February 26, 2024
 I-95 South Lanes in Philly Reopen Following Weekend CAP Project WorkSource: Facebook/Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT)

Interstate 95's southbound lanes reopened early Monday morning. The traffic disruption, part of the extensive CAP project, had I-95 South shut from I-676 to Morris Street over the weekend. Motorists had to quickly adapt to navigate the closures, but as CBS News Philadelphia reports, the roads were clear to use again by 1:45 a.m., ahead of the scheduled reopening time.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) has been toiling to connect the city center to the Delaware River Waterfront and to transform the current overpass into a sprawling 11.5-acre park, as per CBS News Philadelphia. Their efforts meant temporary inconvenience but promised long-term urban rejuvenation for Philadelphia. The I-676 East to I-95 South and I-95 South to Columbus Boulevard/Washington Avenue ramps have also been reopened, much to the convenience of the city's commuters. Still, the Market Street ramp to I-95 South will continue to be closed until sometime in March, as per PHL17 News.

According to PHL17 News, this recent completion marks another milestone in the larger framework of the I-95 Cap Project. The terrain of Philadelphia's infrastructure is being reshaped, an undertaking that requires both precision and strategic planning. Demolition work that began between exit 22 at Callowhill Street and the Morris Street on-ramp caused ramifications throughout the city's transit system, but the closure of these ramps has led the way toward a more integrated cityscape.

Providing context to the accelerated pace of this project, PennDOT officials emphasized the complexity of this phase, stating to Action News that after the demolition, there wasn't much space on the southbound side to move the debris. This hiccup, nevertheless, was managed effectively, ensuring the weekend closures dramatically condensed the demolition timeline by several months. The ambitious project, with its staggering $329 million budget, is slated for completion in 2028. The primary goal, as revealed by Action News, is to replace and expand the existing covered area between Chestnut and Walnut streets, culminating in a park that extends nearly 12 acres, enriching the urban fabric of Philadelphia.