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Published on February 25, 2024
Kiolbassa Sausage Marks 75 Years of Culinary Tradition in San Antonio with Global FlairSource: Kiolbassa

A staple of San Antonio's rich culinary tapestry, Kiolbassa Sausage, celebrates a significant milestone this year. The family-owned company has been delivering mouth-watering Polish sausages to the local community for three-quarters of a century. This legacy of meat mastery began back in 1949 when Rufus and Juanita Kiolbassa started crafting their hand-made sausages on the southwest side of town, reported KSAT.

Despite the loss of its founder Rufus Kiolbassa in 1960, the company flourished under the guidance of son Robert, who propelled the company to local acclaim. In recent decades, Michael Kiolbassa, grandson of the founders, expanded the brand's reach. Today, these sausages are not just a Texas favorite but are savored across the globe, as InfoClarksville detailed.

As part of the celebration, Michael Kiolbassa has shared some of the brand's cherished recipes, showcasing the versatility of these meats with innovative ways to enjoy them in puff pastry creations. Fans can wrap spicy jalapeño slices and beef sausage together or combine traditional sausage with tangy sauerkraut for a global twist on local fare.

These recipes and more demonstrate how Kiolbassa continues an adhere to its roots while embracing modern palates. For those eager to try their hand at these recipes or just to learn more about this enduring San Antonio institution, Texas Eats with David Elder offers up a slice of the action every Saturday on KSAT 12,, and the free streaming app, KSAT Plus.