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Published on February 22, 2024
North Texas Cities Earn Top Spots in America's "Hardest-Working" List with Irving Shining at SecondSource: Gattacal, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Work wears a star-spangled hat in North Texas, where six cities have punched in among the top "hardest-working" across America. A recent WalletHub study has cast a spotlight on the tireless efforts of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, with Irving leading the charge at the second spot, scoring 76.39.

Arlington, Dallas, Plano, Garland, and Fort Worth also clocked in, with rigorous metrics such as employment rate, average weekly work hours, and the percentage of workers juggling multiple jobs. Plano, Dallas, and Grand Prairie particularly stood out, with previous Kempler Industries' findings, noting these cities for their productivity.

Washington, D.C. sits on the throne as the nation's hardest-working city according to the WalletHub report, but Irving boasts the lowest percentage of households with no working adults — "3.6 times lower than Detroit, the city with the highest," reported NBC DFW. This industrious prowess comes with a caveat from researchers, "It's also important to avoid overwork and take some time to relax."

Behind the scenes of this economic engine, the story unfolds with data from the Census Bureau and other factors like average commute and unclaimed vacation days factoring in, according to Kempler Industries' survey linked by CBS News Texas. Houston and Austin, ornaments of Texan tenacity, too grabbed spots on this list with their remarkable work ethics. Yet, in a stern reminder, WalletHub analyst Cassandra Happe stated, "Hard work is one of the main reasons why America has become so successful, but it can also lead to negative consequences if it crosses into overwork territory."

Diligence may be deep-seated in these Texas towns, but the work-life balance holds a mirror to the American dream where hard work is as celebrated as the well-deserved downtime. More about the study's methodology and insightful nuggets on hard-working cities can be found on WalletHub's website, symbolizing a nation's spirit where industry and enterprise are in its bones.