Santa Clarita City Manager Champions Local Businesses for Valentine's Day Spending

Santa Clarita City Manager Champions Local Businesses for Valentine's Day SpendingSource: Google Street View
Juliette Kessler
Published on February 12, 2024

Big box stores and online megaretailers might offer convenience, but Santa Clarita's City Manager Ken Striplin is advocating for a different kind of Valentine's Day shopping experience. In a recent post, Striplin underscored the importance of supporting local businesses, which serve as the backbone of the city's economy. According to Fox Business stats highlighted in Striplin's message, couples are expected to shell out an average of $192 this Valentine's Day, marking a rise of almost 10 percent from last year. Striplin pointed out that by shopping local, that money does double duty by pampering your sweetheart while propping up homegrown shops and services. according to the City's blog post.

The charm of Santa Clarita's small businesses and specialty shops in areas like Old Town Newhall offer a trove of unique, hand-crafted items and personalized services not found online or in chain stores. Striplin, pushing for an intimate and customized dining affair, recommends locally-owned restaurants that are perfect for a night out with your loved one, and provide a memorable atmosphere. With the average couple's Valentine's spending surging, funneling those dollars into the community could mean bolstering the very infrastructure that maintains Santa Clarita's charm.

Striplin's rallying cry for local commerce isn't just about products—it extends to experiences too. He cited activities such as attending a film at a local theater, engaging in art classes, or exploring the natural beauty of the area's open spaces. Particular attention was given to The MAIN (24266 Main Street) Theatre in Old Town Newhall, where a rotating schedule of events offers comedy, drama, and live music to suit a variety of interests. And for those looking to lock in their Valentine's Day plans, a new episode of "Santa Clarita Spotlight" showcases perfect spots for a date night, which is now viewable on the City's social media and SCVTV.

Shopping locally isn't just a boon for the romantic holiday but translates to a direct investment back into the community as well. A portion of every dollar spent locally, according to Striplin, is funneled into maintaining parks, roads, library branches, and other municipal services. Furthermore, they contribute substantially to job creation, with consumer spending playing a critical role in sustaining and expanding employment opportunities in the area. For more details on where to shop locally, Santa Clarita has provided resources on social media and at the official city website, encouraging residents to deepen their community ties through economic support.