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Published on February 23, 2024
Seabrook's Pelican Bay Pool Closure for 2024 Ripples Through Community, Delays Swim Season Amid Renovations Source: Google Street View

Seabrook's Pelican Bay Pool is all dried up for the season—and it's not just because of the scorching Texas sun. In a move that's stirred up local concern, city officials announced they're benching swimmers to assess and renovate the creaky and compliance-challenged water hole. According to the Houston Chronicle, the 2024 pool season is officially on pause while Progressive Commercial Aquatics dives into the facility's condition.

Putting city kids' summer plans in hot water, the pool closure will delay cannonballs and put swim team practices on hold. The Seabrook Stingrays are now left paddling for an alternative to keep their strokes strong. As reported by the Houston Chronicle, decked-out parents have been making waves at city council meetings, pressing for a resolution that won't leave their kids high and dry.

Lifeguarding the city's budget while also safety-proofing community splashes isn't a leisurely swim. Kevin Padgett, Seabrook's Director of Public Works, told the Houston Chronicle, "We are dedicated to working closely with council and stakeholders to determine the best course of action for our city." With the pool's features remaining largely unchanged since your granddad's heyday, there's a deep end of work to be done to meet the 2023 health and safety codes.

All isn't lost for the little Nemos of Seabrook, though—the city promised to unfold three slick, new design options post-assessment. However, while safety comes first, it seems swim season comes second, with the project's blueprint and budget still treading water. "The swim team has been a very great thing for my daughter, and I'm hoping we can come up with options for the Stingray team if the pool does close," Stephanie Hadley lamented to city officials, her concern bubbling up at the Feb. 20 city council meeting as reported by the Houston Chronicle. The assessment, which will also throw a lifesaver to majority of other pool components, is expected to cost $23,100.

Residents will have to wait and see whether Seabrook can inject some needed chlorine into their community life, or if this poolside story will continue to be a dry one. So, while the sun will surely rise tomorrow over Texas, the same can't be pledged for the murky future of Pelican Bay Pool.