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Published on February 26, 2024
Seattle Humane Pet Food Bank Calls for Aid Amid Supply Shortage, Bellevue Community Responds GenerouslySource: Facebook/Seattle Humane

The Seattle Humane Pet Food Bank, a critical resource for pet owners struggling to feed their furry companions, is facing a severe shortage as supplies dwindle prompting a public call for help. KOMO News reported that the Bellevue-based food bank had to suspend its walk-up hours due to these shortages; although, they hope to return to their regular distribution schedule soon.

The food bank contributes nearly one million meals annually and has seen its shelves nearly empty—facing issues with both walk-up service availability and the stock of critical supplies such as leashes, fleas, and tick prevention items along with kennels, "Brandon Macz, with Seattle Humane," told KING5 that the need is very great, and they are doing their best to serve the community amidst this crisis.

In the wake of their public appeal, the spirit of compassion shined brightly in Seattle, as residents rushed to aid the beleaguered Pet Food Bank with a flood of donations including Amazon deliveries of hundreds and hundreds of pounds of pet food and supplies much needed assistance helped to alleviate immediate concerns, "The response has been incredible,” said Macz.

The generous actions by the "Rescue Squad"—as the non-profit lovingly dubs its community supporters—means the Seattle Humane Society can press on in its mission to serve more than 2,000 clients and continue dishing out the 82,000 meals their clients’ pets require each month despite widespread economic hardships, the support from Seattle natives has been overwhelming and heartwarming, staff admit that securing donations has become increasingly challenging these days, which makes every contribution all the more vital for keeping pets with their families, KIRO7 further emphasized the significance of the local community stepping up in times of need.

Looking ahead, the Seattle Humane Pet Food Bank is set to resume its walk-up services on February 29, rejuvenated by the swift response of the community to its call for help, which underlines the deep connection between Seattle's residents and their cherished animal companions.