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Published on February 23, 2024
Seattle Leverages MLK's Legacy to Forge BIPOC Wealth, Hosts Educational Workshop at Garfield High SchoolSource: Seattle Department of Neighborhoods

Seizing the spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King's legacy, Seattle is taking strides to bridge its racial wealth gap. At Garfield High School, a workshop titled ‘Growing BIPOC Generational Community Wealth’ brought together locals eager to forge a robust financial future for BIPOC communities. The event  was a hub for knowledge and inspiration, where myths were dispelled, and actionable strategies were shared, as reported by the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods,

Last month marked the occasion, when parents and children, neighbors, and activists sat down to map out a course for wealth generation that can withstand the test of generational time. "I’m glad I was able to attend the workshop with my son and appreciated the honest and deep conversation. I am proud of our Generational Wealth team and the impact we are making in partnership with the community. This is legacy work," Jenifer Chao, Director of the Department of Neighborhoods, told the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods.

The workshop stands as a part of the overarching Generational Wealth Initiative by the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods. Initiated in 2020, the program aims to tackle the ingrained issue of unequal access to wealth amongst the city's diverse populations. Participants exchanged ideas and learned about the pilot projects funded through the Department of Neighborhoods, and were provided avenues to get involved in these generational wealth projects.

Due to the significant date, emphasis was placed on Black-led projects. "We wanted to highlight projects that were Black-led since it was Dr. Martin Luther King Day and we were in the Central District at Garfield High School," Khatsini Simani, Generational Wealth Strategic Advisor, Department of Neighborhoods, explained in a statement obtained by Seattle Department of Neighborhoods.