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Published on February 21, 2024
Swig Beverage Chain to Open New Soda Shop in Coppel with $550K InvestmentSource: Google Street View

Thirsty Dallas-Fort Worth residents can soon eagerly queue up at another Swig location set to pop up in Coppell. The Utah-based beverage chain, known for putting a quirky spin on sodas, is plotting to open a new drive-through on North Denton Tap Road. As The Dallas Express reported, the establishment will be cozily nestled within the Coppell Market Center, joining eight other North Texas outposts, with streets like Prosper and McKinney already having had a taste of Swig's "dirty sodas."

Swig's expansion comes with an estimated $550,000 price tag to renovate and alter a 1,805-square-foot area. According to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation's filing, construction is slated to generally start on April 1, with the finish line set on September 24. This sweet spot is privately funded, on private land, and serves up private fun in the form of fanciful drinks for anyone to quickly grab.

Swig’s drink menu is no stranger to turning heads and mobilizing social media buzz. Boasting concoctions like The Rocket, which jumbles together Mountain Dew, raspberry, coconut, blackberry, and vanilla cream, it's a wonderland for soda aficionados. In The Know highlighted the brand’s viral TikTok fame last summer, capturing a Utah store besieged by a steady stream of customers eager to snag a sip of those famed refreshments.

A closer look at the renovation plans reveals Babcock Design as the creative force behind Swig’s latest Texas venture. According to the design firm’s website which was quoted by The Dallas Express, the new facility promises to fully maintain a colorful and kid-friendly atmosphere. Project details further define the scope, outlining Babcock’s vision where "the vibrant accents take center stage" in a setting where the white walls and exposed structure seamlessly blend into the background.