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Published on March 01, 2024
San Antonio Zoo Brings Gorillas Back After 30 Years with Innovative Congo Falls HabitatSource: Facebook/San Antonio Zoo

The concrete jungle of San Antonio is set to get a little more wild. The San Antonio Zoo has just put shovels to dirt on Congo Falls, a cutting-edge, two-acre gorilla habitat that's marking the return of these mighty primates to the zoo after more than three decades, as KSAT reported.

Slated to open its doors next year, Congo Falls isn't just about giving these gorillas a new home; it's about to provide visitors with an unparalleled experience. The design teems with innovation, boasting multiple viewpoints that'll allow visitors to safely come to face-to-face, more or less, with the zoo's newest inhabitants. One standout feature, the Mays Family Silverback Peak, is set to be the world's first 60-foot gorilla tower offering a skyline view of San Antonio, according to a statement obtained by FOX San Antonio.

Congo Falls is part of the zoo's larger revitalization project, Generation Zoo, which is fueled by 2022 voter-approved bond funds and generous donations. The Ralston Family Charitable Foundation chipped in a hefty $10 million donation. These funds were critical in the recent construction of a new zoo entrance, which is now graced by a large gorilla statue, signaling the changes afoot.

The gorillas themselves will have plenty of room to roam and will even get to potentially glance over at visitors from their tower—proving to be a two-way street for curious eyes. This immersive habitat is designed to blur the lines between humans and animals, offering an educational space where guests can learn about conservation while being mere inches away from these magnificent creatures. The entire offering is a game changer for not just the zoo, but for animal exhibits globally, as the zoo officials told KSAT.