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Published on April 24, 2024
Actor Sam Richardson Celebrates Detroit in Pure Michigan Ads Ahead of NFL DraftSource: Greg2600, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

As Detroit gears up for the NFL Draft, homegrown actor Sam Richardson is putting the spotlight on his city with a series of ads that double as a tribute to Detroit. The comedic talent, known for his work on shows like "Detroiters" and "Veep," took viewers on a tour of his favorite local haunts in a six-minute ad produced by Pure Michigan, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, and Visit Detroit. According to FOX 2 Detroit, Richardson expressed total enthusiasm for the chance to showcase his hometown, emphatically endorsing the campaign with a "Yeah! 100%."

In the promotional video, Richardson is seen sharing the screen with Detroit Lions legend Barry Sanders as he visits places like the Planet Ant Theatre, where he got his start, and the century-old men's clothing store Hot Sam's. His positive sentiments about the city were apparent. "There’s a national notion of what Detroit is supposed to be... But when people see it, they’re like, ‘Oh, it’s no joke. This is an amazing city with amazing people,'" Richardson told FOX 2 Detroit in a statement that underscores his deep connection to the city.

Aside from the main promotional piece, the ad campaign encompasses a series of shorter spots airing on platforms like Amazon and ESPN through May 22, as detailed by the Detroit Free Press. Richardson's love for Detroit comes through not just in the campaign, but in his various interviews, where he openly gushes about everything from the city's unique style, referred to as "Detroit swagger," to the treasured onions atop a Lafayette Coney Island hot dog.

Riding the wave of the city's increased visibility, Richardson has also been vocal about his hopes for the NFL Draft's impact on Detroit's image. "I hope the country sees that they've had it wrong to make Detroit anything but a premier city of America over the years, and they'll see that the city is a true representation of America and American potential," Richardson told WXYZ. The actor's involvement in the ads and enthusiasm for the draft underscores his role not just as a celebrated performer, but as a proud ambassador of Detroit.