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Published on April 24, 2024
Arlington Officials Urge Residents to Combat Illegal Dumping Menace for Community's Health and SafetySource: City of Arlington, Texas

Arlington residents are being called to arms against the blight of illegal dumping, with city officials highlighting the slew of repercussions such a scourge has on the community. A recent notice on the city's website is putting a spotlight on this unsightly and unsafe practice, where everything from broken glass, and hazardous wastes, to construction debris is being unceremoniously scattered to the wind in places they just don't belong.

The situation is clear, litterbugs are turning parts of Arlington into a dump, and the cost isn't just to curb appeal. According to the City of Arlington, Texas, "Loss of vegetation in the Riparian areas due to soil contamination along our creeks and streams can increase erosion along local waterways." Not to mention, the havoc wreaked on native flora and fauna, and the dire cost to the community's water treatment tab. The dumplings also block storm drains and waterways, a recipe for flood disaster, and proprietors of pests, like rats and mosquitos that come with their bag of health risks.

But it's not just nature crying out for relief, as illegal dumping could also hit homeowners where it hurts – in their property values. A clean community is a valued community, and Arlington officials are calling on their citizens to step up, get involved, and help put a stop to the illegal dumping tarnishing their town. Actions as simple as properly securing debris during transport could make a difference, according to the city's plea.

Moreover, there's a plan of action for those ready to tackle the ugly side of trash. The city is urging locals to "Report Illegal Dumping" by calling the action center at 817-459-6777 or filing an online report. Additionally, Arlington is championing its residents to speak with neighbors, organize clean-ups, and ensure their household hazardous waste ends up in the right hands.