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Published on April 04, 2024
Auditor General Timothy DeFoor Launches Financial Literacy Tour in PhiladelphiaSource: Pennsylvania Department of the Auditor General

Auditor General Timothy DeFoor is hitting the road, bringing the much-needed lessons of fiscal responsibility directly to Pennsylvanians. On his first stop at SELF Inc.'s 'SELF Care Café' in Philly, DeFoor launched what he's dubbed his Financial Literacy Month tour. "Understanding how to 'Be Money Smart' is critical to Pennsylvania's future financial success," DeFoor highlighted, as reported by the Pennsylvania Department of the Auditor General's official press release. He's on a mission: to arm every keystone resident, from grads to grandpas, with the know-how to navigate their finances.

DeFoor took center stage in a financial literacy pow-wow along with experts from the Philadelphia Corporation for Aging, AARP’s Philadelphia Office, and the Philadelphia Federal Credit Union. Not just a talk shop, this meeting of the money minds is part of a statewide push during April's Financial Literacy Month – a time set aside each year to encourage Americans to quickly learn up on how to better manage their bucks.

With an itinerary that would make a rock band blush, the Auditor General is set to barnstorm Pennsylvania. He's lined up collabs with PSECU for 'Money Smart Mondays'—a weekly wisdom-dropping session aimed at empowering Pennsylvanians across the age spectrum with easy-to-digest financial tips to protect and grow their greenbacks.

DeFoor, a man who's been preaching the fiscal gospel for nearly three years with his 'Be Money Smart' initiative, isn't stopping there. He's making educational pit stops from campuses to YMCAs—anywhere he can gather folks to spread the word that knowing where your money goes is more than half the battle. According to a statement obtained by the Pennsylvania Department of the Auditor General's official press release, this includes partnering with power players like Harrisburg University of Science and Technology and Members 1st to set high schoolers on a collision course with financial savvy, through a statewide competition.

The busy AG's track record speaks volumes: a prior statewide tour drumming up support for financial literacy legislation, talks with uni students about career moves and money matters, fostering young minds at the State YMCA of Pennsylvania Youth and Government program, engaging Junior Achievement in the fight for fiscal know-how, and hooking up with local banks to distribute resources to John and Jane Q. Public. These are steps DeFoor has taken to ensure every resident gets a fair shot at finessing their financial future. For more details on the Auditor General's plans and whereabouts during this month-long money masterclass, visit the official tour announcement at Pennsylvania Department of the Auditor General.