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Published on April 04, 2024
Austin-Based Texas Original Expands Medical Cannabis Access with New Sugar Land OutpostSource: Google Street View

As Texas continues its cautious dance with medical cannabis, Texas Original is stepping up by opening a new prescription pickup outpost in Sugar Land. Serving as the first dispensary in Fort Bend County, the Austin-based provider launched its latest site at the end of March, seeking to offer improved access to patients throughout the state.

The Sugar Land location, nestled within the Rophe Wellness and Weight Loss center on Eldridge Road, adds to Texas Original's growing presence in the Houston area. "Texans from every corner of the state reach out to us asking for better access to medical cannabis," Nico Richardson, Texas Original CEO, said in a statement obtained by the Community Impact. The site will serve locals on Thursdays from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., contributing to the company's mission to work within state limits to spread access to cannabis medicine.

In a region where treatment options can be few and far between, the Sugar Land location emerges as the fourth Houston-area spot for Texas Original, with other sites in Spring and The Woodlands, and a fully-operating location in the Heights open five days a week. Texas Original now operates a total of 14 locations across the Lone Star State. Medical cannabis can be prescribed to Texans grappling with a variety of health issues, such as epilepsy, PTSD, cancer, and more, according to the current state legislation.

Making strides in product offerings as well, Texas Original has introduced new 20 milligram pineapple gummies, containing THC only and made with RSO, or Rick Simpson Oil. This addition marks an expansion in the range of products available to patients seeking relief from symptoms associated with severe medical conditions. "We're grateful for the opportunity to provide improved access to thousands of patients in Fort Bend County and offer them a wider range of products to help treat symptoms associated with conditions like cancer and PTSD," Richardson told the Houston Chronicle.

For those seeking medical cannabis in Texas, prescriptions are obtainable through online clinics or physicians registered with the Compassionate Use Registry of Texas. As Texas Original continues its expansion, it not only broadens the availability of medical cannabis, but also plays a part in the ongoing conversation about medical treatment options within the confines of Texas law.

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