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Published on April 17, 2024
Austin Community College’s South Campus Evacuated After Bomb Threat; Police Investigate Amid Heightened TensionsSource: Google Street View

Panic ensued at Austin Community College’s South Austin Campus this Wednesday as the college was swiftly evacuated due to a bomb threat. According to KVUE, the campus located at 1820 W Stassney Ln. was cleared out, and access to the area has been restricted until further notice. Officials have said in response to the crisis, their emergency protocols resulted in quickly removing students and faculty to ensure their safety.

CBS Austin reported that the college’s police are currently actively investigating the reported threat, which has rattled the nerves of many after the recent prank threat at the college's Highland campus. Meanwhile, ACC has reassured that all other campuses are maintaining their regular operational schedules amidst this disruption.

Updates on the ongoing situation are to be posted through the college’s official communication channels which include their website, and social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. ACC is also committed to keeping their community informed through direct notifications sent to students and employees.

Just less than a week ago, the ACC police were engaged in another threat at the Highland campus which turned out to be a hoax. The suspect from that event, who had caused undue stress and resources to be mobilized needlessly, was taken into custody facing a criminal trespass charge. This repetition has unsettled the institution, wary of the previous event's shadow it has cast over their collective sense of security.

The story is still developing, and more details are expected as the investigation unfolds.