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Published on April 06, 2024
Austin's Weekend Weather to Offer Warmth and Partial Skies Before Pacific Storms HitSource: National Weather Service

Austin residents enjoyed a warm and overcast Friday, and as they head into the weekend, weather conditions are poised to shift. According to the National Weather Service, while Saturday maintains a slight chance of drizzle in the afternoon, the skies will clear partially on Sunday. However, temperatures are expected to peak at a high near 83 degrees, providing some respite just before a series of Pacific storms arrive.

In a fleeting moment of reprieve, Austinites might catch a glimpse of finer weather on Sunday with partly sunny skies. KXAN reports that a trailing cold front could bring some rain Saturday night and early Sunday morning, although it is predicted to be light. A few spotty showers or a storm might pop up, but they’re not expected to make much of a dent in the weekend plans.

Monday’s outlook is less optimistic for outdoor activities. The weather will turn mostly cloudy, with the KXAN forecast indicating limited sunshine, which could complicate views of the total solar eclipse for visitors and locals alike. Optimism remains cautious that the clouds will break enough to allow for intermittent viewing of the celestial event. By the afternoon, the likelihood of showers and thunderstorms will increase to 70 percent.

Concerns grow as the week progresses, with the risk of strong to severe storms on Monday night and Tuesday. While the eclipse is predicted to occur during a potentially clearer weather window, Austinites should prepare for turbulent weather immediately following the event. "The main severe weather risk looks to develop AFTER totality," KXAN cautioned, signaling potential hazards. Southerly winds will persist with gusts that could reach up to 25 mph.

The weather is expected to gradually improve as the week unfolds. By next Wednesday, chances for showers drop to a mere 20 percent before 1 pm. A mostly sunny day with a high near 77 degrees and gusty northwest winds welcomely interrupts a string of unpleasant weather days. Following a clear Wednesday night, sunshine will continue to dominate with highs gradually rising to near 80 as Friday approaches.

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