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Published on April 30, 2024
Bellevue Celebrates AANHPI Heritage Month with Vibrant Art Exhibition at City HallSource: City of Bellevue, WA

In celebration of Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, Bellevue is about to bring some much-needed color and cultural flair to its City Hall with an upcoming art exhibition that's got everyone talking. According to the city's official website, MG2 and the city are linking arms to spotlight the works of a select group of artists, all with AANHPI roots and a penchant for storytelling through their artistic endeavors.

The exhibition, curated by none other than Mami Shimiomura of Mami Shimiomura Fine Art, promises to throw open its doors from May 6-31; on weekdays from 8 a.m. till the clock strikes 4 p.m., and it's not just any old display, it’s a vibrant exploration of the cultural legacies so unique to AANHPI communities which, honestly, too rarely get the platform they deserve. With 15 artists on the roster, Bellevue’s City Hall concourse is set to transform into a hub of colors, textures, and narratives that may just blow your mind, if not at least expand it a tad.

Bellevue’s calling all culture vultures to an opening shindig on May 8, and it’s not going to be some buttoned-up affair. Think taiko drums, think lion dance, and you have to register if you want in on this fiesta, "It’s important that we take the time to celebrate each other,” Dr. Linda Whitehead, Bellevue’s chief diversity, equity and inclusion officer, said in a statement. "The month of May encourages us all to take the time to honor and celebrate the many contributions and accomplishments of Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islanders."