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Published on April 22, 2024
Biden Pledges New Security Aid and Economic Lifeline for Ukraine Amidst Russian WoesSource: The White House

In a show of unwavering support for Ukraine amidst ongoing conflict, President Biden held a phone conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, promising a robust new security assistance package. The conversation, which took place earlier today, was part of the Biden administration's continuous effort to back Ukraine as they stand their ground against Russian military operations.

The White House stated, "President Biden spoke today with President Zelenskyy of Ukraine to underscore the United States’ lasting commitment to supporting Ukraine as it defends its freedom against Russian aggression." With the Senate expected to pass the national security supplemental soon, the president intends to sign off on the legislation, facilitating immediate aid that will satisfy Ukraine's pressing needs on the battlefield and for air defense.

Further solidifying the bilateral bond, President Biden communicated the intent to expedite economic assistance to maintain the financial stability of Ukraine. The proposed aid is also earmarked to aid in the reconstruction of infrastructure that has been decimated by Russian attacks. This financial infusion is meant to bolster Ukraine’s resolve as it advances towards integration with Euro-Atlantic institutions.

Amidst escalating violence and calls for international support, the United States' commitment remains unflinching. The move comes as a critical measure to not just supply arms, but also contribute towards the long-term ambition of Ukrainian sovereignty and alignment with Western values. "President Biden also underscored that the U.S. economic assistance will help maintain financial stability, build back critical infrastructure following Russian attacks, and support reform as Ukraine moves forward on the path of Euro-Atlantic integration," detailed the White House readout.