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Published on April 23, 2024
Brett Perlman Leaves CEO Role at Center for Houston's Future to Fuel City's Hydrogen Hub AmbitionsSource: Google Street View

Brett Perlman, the head honcho at the Center for Houston's Future (CHF), has a new mission and it's all about hydrogen, he's stepping aside from the nonprofit to give Texas' clean hydrogen sector the full-court press, he announced the decision in a recent email blast and he's not leaving the post until the nonprofit finds someone to fill his shoes.

Having tacked seven years onto his tenure, Perlman passed the word last week that his time as CEO will wind down but hasn't given the exit date, the man plans to stick around as advisor and zero in on the HyVelocity Hub, a big deal project aiming to flip Houston into a worldwide hydrogen hotshot, this was reported by the Houston Chronicle.

Meanwhile, the CHF is on the scout for a new leader, with Chicago-based executive search firm Spencer Stuart in the game, Ms. Mary Bass, a Spencer Stuart partner, is wrestling with the search, says the same email Perlman sent out; this detail has come from the Houston Business Journal.

Here's the lowdown on the HyVelocity Hub, it's a mishmash of nonprofits, schools, and energy bigwigs like Exxon Mobil Corp and Chevron Corp, they're all teamed up to push the Texas Gulf Coast into the hydrogen age and they've got a sweet $1.2 billion federal funding slice to get the ball rolling even private dollars are pouring in raising the stakes to $10 billion Pearlman remarked that this project could be as yuge as when Houston cooked up the Ship Channel or when we shot for the stars with the Johnson Space Center these pieces of info were pulled from the Chronicle and the Business Journal respectively.

Perlman's wrapping things up, but he's throwing a hint our way with something dubbed Project 2050, it's a groovy plan with eyes peeled on the Houston horizon, plus he's into buffing the city's health and drawing in new civic leaders.