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Published on April 24, 2024
Clinton County Traffic Alert: Route 1001 Signals Moving for Improvement ProjectSource: Google Street View

Drivers in Clinton County should brace for a shift in their daily commute come Thursday. PennDOT has plans to move the temporary signals on Route 1001, known locally as Farrandsville Road, as stated on their official website. This adjustment is part of a broader endeavor to bolster pedestrian safety and upgrade drainage systems in the area.

The lights, which have been managing traffic close to the intersection of Farrandsville Road and Route 664, will be relocated roughly 800 feet to the west allowing the contractor to lay the final layer of asphalt and refine the area's drainage, according to the PennDOT announcement, it's also noted that the project is on track for completion by July barring any disagreeable weather. The overhaul on Farrandsville Road encompasses a series of improvements such as the installation of sidewalks, curbing, and ornamental light poles, piping and inlets, as well as the construction of a new retaining wall; plus, not to forget the paving and pavement markings among other sundry tasks, as reported by PennDOT.

Pedestrians bound for River View Park will soon find a safer path thanks to the upgrades, which are part of a $7.5 million dollar project executed by Clearwater Construction, Inc. from Mercer, PennDOT anticipates that the final touches will be done by the Independence Day holiday, assuming Mother Nature doesn’t throw a wrench into the plans.

The project's scope is considerable, tackling not just temporary traffic logistics but also permanently reshaping the roadway for better alignment, moving utilities to new locations, and enhancing protection for those driving through—with all these tasks intertwined, the residents of Woodward Township are watching a substantial investment in their infrastructure unfold despite the occasional snag due to uncooperative weather.