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Published on April 22, 2024
Dallas-Fort Worth Welcomes French Flair with New Paris Baguette Bakery LocationsSource: jeffreyw, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Dallas-Fort Worth residents are in for a French treat as the Paris Baguette bakery franchise is setting up shop with not one, but four locations slated for the area, "everything is made and served fresh from scratch daily," Rahul Rai, franchise development owner told The Dallas Express. The Grand Prairie entrepreneurial duo, Rahul and April Rai, are behind the move that's gonna stir up some serious pastry and bread-induced buzz in town.

Here's a brand that's rising quicker than yeast in the oven - Paris Baguette, with its origins, dug deep in the alleys of Paris, has been charming U.S. cities since its 2015 entrance and already boasting over 150 spots nationwide, as the company's website beams, and now DFW locals will get a whiff of that freshly-baked action with construction for the first location off Stacy Road expected to start in May with doors opening faster than you can say 'baguette', approximately 3-4 months later according to Rai.

The inside scoop from the horse's mouth, Paris Baguette isn’t just serving up any old treat, it’s high-quality eats that are on the menu, they're slinging Lavazza coffee and have this knack for making cakes that disappear swifter than a croissant at a Parisian brunch - their New York joint moved around 2,000 of those sweet marvels last Mother's Day, "That is how much people love Paris Baguette cakes," Rai shared, as per The Dallas Express.

Speaking of quality, the new leadership team rolled out by Paris Baguette is nothing short of top-tier with five internal promotions being covered in baking flour - starting with Saeyong Park as Chief Financial Officer and Michelle Jagroop now Chief People Officer, these professionals bring to the table decades of expertise and an oven's worth of commitment to the brand, "The team at Paris Baguette is a huge part of what makes us who we are," CEO Darren Tipton gushed about, according to 1851 Franchise.