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Published on April 24, 2024
Detroit Weather Whiplash, From Frosty Mornings to Weekend Showers and Potential StormsSource: Google Street View

The weather in Detroit seems to be a mixed bag in the coming days, with forecasts indicating a rollercoaster of temperatures and conditions, locals are looking at cloudy skies turning clear to frosty mornings paving the way for sunny afternoons and then taking a wet turn towards the weekend.

According to the latest report by the National Weather Service, the Motor City will experience widespread frost after 2 am tonight, despite clear skies setting a low of around 31 degrees; meanwhile, a north wind is expected to blow at 5 to 10 mph. The frost should clear up mainly before 8 am on Thursday making room for a sunny day with a comfortable high near 56 and a mild east wind of 5 to 7 mph. By Friday night, showers are predicted with an 80% chance of precipitation and breezy conditions taking the low to around 56 degrees.

Looking ahead to the weekend, the forecast, available on National Weather Service's website, reveals that Saturday will likely continue with showers mainly before 8 am and a high reaching up to 76 degrees, but it's going to be notably windy. The night will remain mostly cloudy with a low of around 64 and breezy conditions persisting. On Sunday, the skies will stay mostly cloudy with a high near 79 but there is a chance of showers, rolling into Sunday night with more chances of rain after 2 am and a low of about 63 degrees.

As the new week starts, Detroit isn't catching a break from the rain with showers likely on Monday; the cloudy skies will dominate along with a high near 77 and the breeze sticking around. The showers are set to escalate into thunderstorms by Monday night, setting the stage for a potentially stormy period, while temperatures drop to a low around 59, the forecast does spare residents of the chill as Tuesday brings a partly sunny day with a high near 70 bringing a slight respite from the rain.