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Published on April 22, 2024
Fiesta 2024 Ignites San Antonio with Texas Cavaliers River Parade and Diverse CelebrationsSource: Facebook/City of San Antonio - Municipal Government

The streets and rivers of San Antonio are poised to pulse with life as Fiesta 2024 continues to shower the city with events and spectacles, including the eye-catching Texas Cavaliers River Parade. As reported by KENS 5, the parade promises a cascade of lighted floats tonight from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m., cruising along the iconic River Walk and beguiling thousands with its festive appeal.

Those eager to snag the best view have been encouraged to grab presale tickets or to secure a reservation at a riverside restaurant. With space tight and food vendors a no-show, parade-goers are advised to bring a REALLY small cooler, as emphasized by KENS 5. But, for the frugal fiesta-fanatics, there are opportunities to witness the aquatic procession sans ticket, with free spots including several bridges spanning the River Walk.

Apart from the riverine revelry, a variety of other events are unfolding in San Antonio as part of the Fiesta 2024 celebrations. Fiesta De Los Reyes, Pilgrimage to the Alamo, and the Fiesta Carnival are among the popular choices slated for today, according to KENS 5. Each event weaves its own thread into the fabric of the city's vibrant cultural tapestry.

The Pilgrimage to the Alamo, which commences at 4 p.m., offers a reflective foot journey to one of the city's most revered sites. Running since 1918, it represents a hushed homage in lieu of the traditional Battle of Flowers Parade, which was halted due to wartime. Starting at the Vietnam War Memorial, attendees march to the famed Alamo, in a tradition that has been preserved for over a century, says a KSAT report.

With the Fiesta carnival offering a dizzying array of rides and the Fiesta de los Reyes inviting guests to enjoy live music, food, and art, there are attractions for everyone. Tightening the scope to the celestial, The Witte Museum's “Wonders of Space” Fiesta Exhibit dazzles with its coronation robes until September 30, as shared by KSAT. For pickleball enthusiasts, there's also the Pickles Y Sombreros event, benefiting Morgan’s Wonderland Sports.

Whether you're a long-time local or a first-timer to Fiesta's delights, San Antonio's premier festival is proving, yet again, it knows how to throw a party. And a reminder to those attending the Texas Cavaliers River Parade, KENS 5 will be on the ground, giving out their coveted Fiesta medals—make sure you say hi if you're keen on snagging one.