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Published on April 23, 2024
Fired for Fighting Vice, Klein Whistleblower Vows Legal War over Alleged Sex Trafficking Scandal RetaliationSource: Google Street View

A former Klein ISD teacher, who blew the whistle on alleged sex trafficking activities involving a colleague, has reportedly suffered retaliation and plans to sue the district. The whistleblower's attorney, Harry Daniels, claims that after reporting a fellow Klein Cane High School teacher's involvement in sex trafficking, the whistleblower was given the choice to resign or face termination. "We absolutely believe it's retaliation. She is brave, courageous. There are not enough adjectives in the English language to describe her actions," Daniels said, as quoted in an interview with FOX 26 Houston.

The accused, Kedria Grisby, a cosmetology teacher at the school, was taken into custody earlier this month, alongside her son, Roger Magee, for allegedly running a sex trafficking operation. The whistleblower asserts that her daughter was victimized by this illicit ring. Following her report in February 2023, Grisby was purportedly allowed to continue teaching for over a year until her arrest, despite what Daniels cites as incriminating evidence from text messages. Grisby has recently seen her bond set at $75,000 for each of the six counts she's facing related to human trafficking, according to court records.

Further complicating the matter is the response, or lack thereof, from the Klein ISD and the Harris County Sheriff's Office (HCSO). Accusations have been made regarding their delayed action to arrest Grisby, who had access to potential victims as she continued to teach, and the alleged negligence in handling the crucial forensic report from Magee's phone. In a statement obtained by KPRC 2, Daniels decries the situation as a failure and a dereliction of duty from both the school district and HCSO. Klein ISD, in a retort, argued that upon receiving a case number from the individual, they contacted the HCSO, which reported back that Grisby was not a suspect—however, Sheriff Ed Gonzalez’s Chief of Staff, Jason Spencer, disputes any record of such communication.

While the district vehemently denies claims of withholding information, community activists have expressed outrage. Klein ISD Superintendent addressed parents saying, "We are disgusted," in light of the sex trafficking charges brought against Grigsby. Meanwhile, investigations continue as the civil rights attorney hired by the whistleblower stands firm in seeking justice for the alleged retaliation faced by his client, for courageously coming forward. “It takes real courage for a whistleblower to come forward in a case like this. But instead of being taken seriously, she was ignored, ridiculed, and forced to resign,” Daniels told KPRC 2.