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Published on April 19, 2024
Former Hartford Police Chief Pleads Guilty to Drug Charges, Stripped of Law Enforcement LicenseSource: Google Street View

In a revealing turn of events, ex-Hartford Police Chief Tressa Beltran has pleaded guilty to serious drug charges. According to the Michigan Department of Attorney General, Beltran accepted the charges of delivery or possession with intent to deliver less than 50 grams of a controlled substance and use of a computer to commit a crime. The plea deal lays out a sentence ranging from a minimum of 24 months up to a heavy 20 years in prison.

During the pretrial conference overseen by Judge Kathleen M. Brickley, Beltran was forced to permanently give up her law enforcement license, effectively ending her career in Michigan policing. This stems from a nine-count complaint levying accusations of selling controlled substances to embezzlement. "I am grateful for the collaborative investigation between the Van Buren County Sheriff’s Office and my department that has allowed us to remove a rampant criminal from her position as Police Chief," Attorney General Dana Nessel stated about the investigation's outcome, per the Michigan Department of Attorney General. This plea ensures Beltran cannot ever again serve as a police officer in the state.

The case unfolded over an extensive period with detectives from the Van Buren County Sheriff’s Office piecing together evidence after receiving numerous tips about Beltran's misconduct. The resulting investigation, conducted jointly with the Attorney General's Public Integrity Unit, exposed the depths of the police chief's criminal activities. As reported by CBS News Detroit, Beltran admitted to possessing controlled substances while acting as the chief law enforcement officer and intended to arrange their delivery via computer communications.

Attorney General Nessel articulated her commitment to preserving public integrity, indicating that justice needs to be served when those in power betray public trust. "My office will continue to pursue accountability and public integrity when people in positions of power and public trust abuse their office and harm their communities," Nessel said, per CBS News Detroit. The disgraced former police chief's sentencing is scheduled to take place on June 24.