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Published on April 21, 2024
Fort Worth Police Train Korean Officers in Radiological Threat Detection, Emphasize Global Law Enforcement UnitySource: Fort Worth Police Department

In a notable instance of international cooperation, the Fort Worth Police Department shared its expertise in radiological threat prevention with officers from the Korean National Police Agency. On April 15, a delegation of 10 Korean officers participated in a joint training exercise focusing on the detection of unauthorized radiological materials. The visit highlighted Fort Worth PD's Preventative Radiological Nuclear Detection program, a proactive measure against potential terrorist attacks.

The Korean delegation, keen to enhance their capabilities in safeguarding against radiological threats, engaged with Fort Worth's top brass. During their visit, they were introduced to techniques and strategies that could be vital to swiftly identifying materials that could potentially pose a national security risk. The collaboration has been reported to have included meetings with the Chief of Police, as well as Assistant and Deputy Chiefs.

According to the Fort Worth Police Department, these meetings were part of a wider effort to share best practices between law enforcement agencies on a global scale. The post emphasized the significance of the training, noting the mutual benefits derived from such international engagements.

A statement provided by the Fort Worth Police Department expressed pride in their program's role as a model for international partners. "Sharing of knowledge in the law enforcement world across the country and around the world is common practice," the statement read. They also noted that the Korean officers have taken great interest in protecting their nation from similar threats and were eager to possibly implement similar strategies back home.

The collaboration not only signifies a shared commitment to public safety but also fortifies the bridge between law enforcement agencies across different nations. It emphasizes the universal nature of certain threats and the collective efforts required to effectively confront them. The Fort Worth Police Department's initiative, through this program, is just one example of the ever-expanding scope of police work in an increasingly connected world.