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Published on April 26, 2024
Garland Hosts National XBall League's Paint-Splattered 'Lone Star Major' EventSource: City of Garland, Texas

Garland, Texas is currently under a vibrant siege, not of soldiers but of paintball enthusiasts from around the globe. The National XBall League's Lone Star Major paintball event is splattering color all over Audubon Park through Sunday, April 28 – and it's not just about the local crowd. With free viewing for amateur matches and tickets on sale for grandstands or VIP spots to catch professional action, the event promises to be a kaleidoscope of high-energy thrills and spills, according to the City of Garland.

The competition kicked off on Thursday with teams getting in their last rounds of practice, and a trade show where leading paintball brands laid out their wares. The event is in full swing today, Friday, with the first games starting bright and early at 8 a.m., and the trade show running concurrently until 6 p.m. before the site shuts down at 7 p.m. The same schedule runs on Saturday, for those who might've missed out today. Those looking to see the best in the business trade paint can secure a spot in the grandstand – though, space is likely limited given the event's popularity.

Playing formats are as varied as the players wielding the markers, with matches comprising 3 versus 3, 5 versus 5, 7 versus 7, and the epic 10 versus 10 showdowns. Aspiring paintballers and seasoned pros alike have descended on the park to engage in these chromatic battles, testing both their skill and strategic acumen in a bid to claim victory in their respective categories.

The NXL, known as the premier tournament paintball circuit across North America and Europe, facilitates not just a competition but a community event. Garnering participants and audiences from all manner of backgrounds, the event wraps up on Sunday with the first games again at 8 a.m., and the trade show running till 5 p.m. The awards ceremony will paint the winners as legends immediately after the final game concludes.

Whether you're a gungho paintball enthusiast or a spectator curious about the sport, the Lone Star event in Garland offers a window into a growing sporting subculture. It's fast, it's furious, and it's colorful – and it's on right now at Audubon Park.