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Published on April 24, 2024
Gig Harbor Firefighters Extinguish Intense Garage Blaze, Save Six Chickens Amid Community SupportSource: X/GigHarborFire

Firefighters in Gig Harbor rose to the challenge Saturday night, combating a garage fire that had the potential to escalate into a full-blown disaster. According to a report by KIRO 7, the fiery menace started as a brushfire on Point Fosdick Drive around 10 p.m., with subsequent communications indicating a shed was also ablaze and multiple explosions occurring.

Quick-thinking firefighters from Gig Harbor Fire & Medic One arrived at the scene to find a garage and several outbuildings fully engulfed, yet despite the lack of accessible hydrants, they resourcefully contained the conflagration, thanks to a network of hose lines relayed between engines and a water tender as noted by Tacoma Weekly.

Neighbors were rattled by the intensity of the event, with one local, Sharron Erickson, recounting to FOX 13 Seattle, "We heard two big booms. The first one shook our house. We went out on our back portch and that’s when we saw the smoke and flames.", which signaled the start of the ordeal.

Civilians were reportedly unharmed in the chaos, with the fire crew managing not only to save the nearby structures but also six chickens from a burning coop, "We were able to return six of them to extended family members. The good news here is that there were no injuries to civilians or firefighters.", Battalion Chief Nick Langlow confirmed in a statement obtained by FOX 13 Seattle. The cause of the fire remains under investigation by the Pierce County Fire Marshall's office, although it was mentioned that fuel sources appeared to contribute to the explosions.

During this harrowing event, the community's spirit was notably evident; with Ken Erickson telling FOX 13 Seattle, "We immediately grabbed a fire extinguisher and jumped in the car to head over to the property just in case fire crews weren’t there yet," showcasing a neighbor’s instinctual drive to aid in a crisis. The homeowners were away at the time, prompting another neighbor, Della Slosar, to express concern and support to FOX 13 Seattle: "This isn’t the welcome home they deserve. They’re such good people. They do so much for the neighborhood. We want them to know they have our support in whatever they need moving forward.", encapsulating the close-knit fabric that comprises the Gig Harbor community.