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Published on April 24, 2024
Keller Police Issue Scam Alert After Resident Dodges Suspicious Call Claiming City ContractSource: Google Street View

A scam alert has been issued by the City of Keller after a resident received a suspicious call from an individual claiming to be contracted by the city. The caller requested personal information to update public records, which prompted the resident to question the call's legitimacy before promptly ending the conversation. The resident did not fall prey to the potential scam which, according to a warning by the city's law enforcement, represents a persistent threat in the form of phone-based scams.

The Keller Police Department commended the resident's vigilance and awareness. "They then went on to ask for information about the individual’s home, eventually hanging up when our amateur gumshoe began questioning the requested information," the police said in a statement. The nature of the scammer's endgame remains unknown, but the incident serves as an important caution for all residents to remain skeptical of unsolicited phone calls asking for personal details.

The city has made it clear that although its staff may contact residents from time to time, they will always identify themselves clearly and provide information about the nature of the project they are working on. The Keller Police urge the community to be wary of unsolicited calls and verify any dubious requests by directly contacting the alleged organization.

Residents are reminded to exercise their right to question and verify the identity of callers, as phone scammers are known to use various tactics to extract personal information. "Never hesitate to question those who contact you by phone — and when in doubt, hang up and call the alleged organization back directly to check," the Keller Police Department alerted in their statement. The proactive approach of the resident in this incident exemplifies the necessary steps to deter and prevent falling victim to these sophisticated, fraudulent schemes.