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Published on April 23, 2024
Kirkland French Vodka Takes Top Spot Among Michigan's Favorite Costco FindsSource: Google Street View

According to a recent breakdown by, the French vodka secures its spot as the top dog in the state. It's followed by a range of other delights like the sweet Sanders Small Batch Wonders Sea Salt Caramel and the reliable Kirkland Maple Syrup, CBS News Detroit reports. Not to be discounted though Costco Gas pumps its way to the list, satisfying the thrifty Michigan motorist.

The intriguing part about this list isn't only what people are buying but also the chatter they create around it; aside from buying products customers, the majority of whom are from Michigan seem stoked about talking about their purchases on social media, declaring their love for the wallet-friendly and sometimes surprisingly high-quality items found at the giant wholesaler, ClickOnDetroit chimes in. One standout item that grabbed more than 1,000 comments in a week was the store's famous rotisserie chicken, a comfort food superhero by all accounts.

It isn't just Michigan either; favorites are staking claims across the U.S. with products like the protein-packed Goodles Cheddy Mac White Cheddar Shells luring health-conscious yet budget-friendly shoppers in states like Georgia and New York. An especially eclectic mix shows up in Costco carts, ranging from Trident Fish Sticks dominating the northeast coast to Kirkland Prosecco popping corks in Illinois, ClickOnDetroit adds further.

But back to the Great Lakes State's beloved liquor—"The Kirkland French vodka is really smooth," one person said, "The difference between the French Kirkland and Grey Goose is minuscule, And around 60% cheaper than Grey Goose," another person praised this sentiment echoed by statewide shoppers, representing not just a win for the wallet but the palate too, WRIF shares from social media comments.