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Published on April 17, 2024
La Vernia Resident Hits $7.5 Million Jackpot with Texas Lottery's Loteria Supreme GameSource: Unsplash/ Giorgio Trovato

A resident of the small Texas town La Vernia, just a stone's throw south of San Antonio, has landed a massive $7.5 million lottery windfall. The newly-minted multimillionaire reached their fortune through a Loteria Supreme scratch-off ticket, according to official statements.

The winner has opted for anonymity following their lucky strike on Wednesday. As reported by KENS5, the ticket was purchased at the local Sarup Retail Inc. station, a Shell gas station convenience store situated on U.S. Highway 87 West. Despite the hefty $100 price tag for this scratch-off, it hasn't deterred hopeful gamblers, with the game boasting general winning odds of one in 3.23.

This massive payout marks the second of four $7.5 million top prizes available through the Loteria Supreme game, leaving two more top prizes up for grabs. In total, the game will distribute over $709.9 million in prizes. KENS5 notes that the lucrative odds have positioned the game as a tantalizing prospect for many seeking their fortune through the Texas Lottery.

The revelation of this colossal win comes hot on the heels of another, albeit smaller, lottery victory in the region. Just one day prior, an article published by mySanAntonio showcased a San Antonio local who snagged $1 million from the $1,000,000 Crossword scratch-off game. This individual, also choosing to remain out of the public eye, purchased their lucky ticket from a corner store on Tezel Road.