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Published on April 24, 2024
Long Beach Rocked by Shootings and High-Speed Chase, Suspects Charged as Police Hunt ContinuesSource: Facebook/Long Beach Police Department (CA)

Chaos erupted on the streets of Long Beach, with a no-hit shooting and a chase that turned the city into a scene straight out of a bad action flick, complete with a crashing car and a SWAT team on the hunt.

According to the LBPD Blotter, the first incident on April 22 saw police scrambling to the 2800 block of Orange Avenue after a "shots call" at around 5:29 p.m. Cops found evidence of gunfire but, no person was hurt, and the shooter remains a mystery. Just hours later, at about 9:54 p.m., another gunshot victim stumbled into a local hospital with a wound to the lower body. The man told officers he'd been in an altercation at 11th Street and Hoffman Avenue, which ended with bullets flying from an assailant in an unknown vehicle.

But the night's mayhem didn't end there. Police in Long Beach engaged in a wild car chase around 11:18 P.M., after an attempted traffic stop morphed into a high-octane pursuit. The suspects' vehicle eventually smacked into another car, leading to injuries for the uninvolved driver, and a foot chase for the suspects.

Following the crash, one of the occupants tried to make a break for it, prompting the SWAT team to move in and lock down the neighborhood. The high-drama pursuit resulted in the capture of Michael Tate, a 24-year-old Long Beach resident, according to official reports. Tate faces a slew of charges including evading a peace officer and driving under the influence. His accomplice, Ronald Frances England, aged 27 and without a fixed address, also racked up multiple weapons charges. Both are waiting for the magistrate to review their bail.