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Published on April 02, 2024
MacArthur High Students Win Top Honors in DUI Awareness Video ContestSource: Google Street View

In an effort to drive home the dangers of impaired driving, the Office of Attorney General has crowned the winners of its 2024 student video contest, "Impaired? No Time to Drive." The contest, aimed at high school students, sought to creatively engage youths on the perils of driving under the influence.

A team of whip-smart students from MacArthur High School managed to spectacularly capture the contest's top honors. Nya Byers, Ava Grassia, and Elizabeth Landes produced a video that stood out to judges for "content, creativity, originality," and for effectively communicating to their peers about the hazardous consequences of impaired driving. Their efforts were not only recognized with first place but also earned them a cool $300 visa gift card, as noted by the Office of Attorney General's release.

It wasn't just about the bling and bragging rights. Each participating student, whether flying solo or in a group, was awarded 10 community service hours that will count towards their graduation milepost. This year's entries, according to the release, were judged on a gamut of criteria, but the ultimate goal was to potently disseminate the "important message about the dangers and consequences of driving while impaired."

Partners of this year's contest included the Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration, Washington Regional Alcohol Program, District Department of Transportation, DC Public Schools, and George Washington University Hospital. Their collaboration has evidently succeeded to not only spotlight student creativity but also to amplify the critical conversation around impaired driving among young people.

The contest, now in its second year, continues to strive to make an imprint on the student community. The Office of Attorney General, together with its partners, extends a hearty congratulations to all the winners and participants who took the time to effectively shine a light on an issue that too often leads to tragedies on the roads. Check out the video by the first-place winners and learn more about the contest at the Office of Attorney General's website.