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Published on April 17, 2024
Metropolitan Police Seek Suspects in Northeast Washington, D.C., Robbery; Urge Public's AssistanceSource: Metropolitan Police Department

Metropolitan Police are on the hunt for a group of suspects involved in a violent robbery that occurred in Northeast Washington, D.C., authorities said. The crime took place in the 800 block of 9th Street, where two individuals, amidst their evening routine of walking their dog, were brutally confronted by assailants seeking to forcefully take what was not theirs.

The incident, which unfolded on the night of April 7 at roughly 9:32 p.m., saw the victims accosted and assaulted. According to the Metropolitan Police Department, one of the victims was robbed of their belongings before the perpetrators made their escape into the anonymity provided by the city's shadows.

Detectives from the MPD's First District are actively reaching out to the public, urging assistance to quickly and safely locate the suspects in question. The urgency of this request is not solely to recover what was taken, but also to ensure the safety of the community by removing those who perpetrate harm from the streets.

In an attempt to better piece together the event and to maybe identify the assailants, investigators are combing through any available surveillance video and are asking anyone with information to come forward. The Police Department has pledged to delve thoroughly into this crime, vowing not to rest until justice can be served upon those who seek to disrupt the peace and security of everyday citizens simply trying to live their lives.

Anyone with information regarding this incident or who can identify the suspects is encouraged to contact the police. The MPD has provided an avenue for anonymous tips as well, recognizing that safety and confidentiality are top priorities for those who choose to help in these investigations. The victims of this deplorable act deserve answers, and the community deserves to walk their streets free of fear.