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Published on April 19, 2024
Midlothian PD Persists in the Missy Bevers Murder Case After Eight Years, Leveraging Tech and Federal AidSource: Midlothian Police Department

It has been eight years since the murder of Terri "Missy" Bevers at the Creekside Church of Christ, and the Midlothian Police Department (MPD) has yet to close a case that continues to haunt the community. Chief of Police Carl D. Smith recently addressed the public with an assurance that the investigation remains a top priority for his department. According to the Midlothian Police Department, the investigative team has received over 3,000 tips and has committed to continuing their efforts to bring resolution to the case.

In the days following the murder, then Assistant Chief Kevin Johnson vowed to relentlessly pursue the killer. "We were committed to tracking down the individual responsible for the death of Missy Bevers," Johnson had assured the community, as per the Midlothian Police Department. Since taking on this challenging case, the MPD has tapped into local and federal resources to aid in their investigation. Employing retired federal agents and utilizing the latest internet-based investigative techniques, the department has looked to fully exploit every lead using all available means, Smith acknowledged. Despite the passage of time, MPD has continued to re-examine the case, with fresh sets of eyes and new perspectives hoping to to finally produce results.

The person caught on church video dressed in "SWAT" gear who is believed to have committed the crime has eluded capture, but Chief Smith points out that, "Our entire investigative staff and all members of our department are all familiar with and committed to the on-going efforts to find the individual responsible for Missy Bevers’ death." Many leads, however well-intentioned, have lacked the critical information necessary for substantive investigation.

Rumors and speculations have not been helpful, and the department has opted to keep details of their current efforts under wraps to avoid compromising the investigation. Chief Smith empathized with those still grieving, noting, “Each April our staff gather and reflect on the progress, the pain, and reality that this mystery hangs over our community.” At annual gatherings like the Tree of Angels ceremony, officers and community members join the Bevers family in honoring Missy's memory. Smith emphasized that MPD has and will relentlessly continue to comb through data, and new leads, and pursue advancements in technology in their search for justice.

For those in possession of information, tips can be anonymously provided to Ellis County Crime Stoppers, and individuals wishing to speak directly with investigators can find contact information on the Midlothian police website. As the investigation forges ahead, the Midlothian community watches and waits, hoping that justice for Missy Bevers will one day be served.