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Published on April 24, 2024
Minor Coastal Flooding in D.C. Area Prompts Advisory, No Serious Damage ReportedSource: Unsplash/ Matt Hoffman

People in Washington, D.C. got worried this Wednesday morning because of coastal flood warnings in low-lying areas near the water's edge. According to the National Weather Service, up to a half foot of inundation above ground level was expected due to tidal flooding in areas of the District of Columbia, including Arlington County and the City of Alexandria.

Residents encountered the brunt of the nuisance around high tide, with the District's waterfront and adjacent roadways bearing witness to nature's encroachment. "Shoreline inundation is expected along portions of the seawall adjacent to Ohio Drive and the Hains Point Loop Road and near the Tidal Basin," the National Weather Service cautioned. An overly saturated King Street and Strand Street intersection in Alexandria reportedly flirted with the curbsides.

The alert, which lasted until noon, fell on the heels of a week that otherwise promised fair skies and bearable breezes, with temperatures peaking near the mid-80s by early next week. For the most part, it was business as usual in nation's capital—albeit with the occasional rubber boot sighting. No serious damages or injuries were mentioned in response to the advisory.

After the tide recedes, the rest of the week is expected to follow a milder script weather-wise, offering some reprieve from nature's interruptions. "No hazardous weather is expected at this time," the National Weather Service reported, looking ahead after today's events. As locals continue to stroll beneath the increasingly sunny skies, it might almost seem as water's edge recedes, so do the memories of today's high-water hassles.