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Published on April 23, 2024
New Housing Services Portal Aims to Simplify Access to Affordable Housing in San AntonioSource: City of San Antonio

In San Antonio, the struggle to find affordable housing and related support services might just have become a little less daunting thanks to the launch of a new Housing Services Portal. The digital platform is a collaboration between the City of San Antonio Neighborhood and Housing Services Department and the San Antonio Community Resource Directory (SACRD), delivering a promise from the city's Strategic Housing Implementation Plan to create a housing "one-stop shop."

The portal went live on April 23, offering a training session for local nonprofits tasked with guiding residents through a typically fragmented landscape of support services. "We are thrilled to unveil the SACRD Housing Services Portal, a vital resource designed to streamline access to housing services and support in our community," Veronica Garcia, Director of the Neighborhood and Housing Services Department said, according to a statement obtained by the City of San Antonio's official website. This initiative is not just about helping people find a roof over their heads; it extends to vital assistance like utility and rental aid, legal counsel, eviction intervention, and much more.

The SACRD Housing Services Portal presents its information in both English and Spanish,, tapping into feedback from a wide array of housing service providers, human service providers, and other community organizations. It aims to reduce the friction for San Antonio residents who are navigating the often-complex housing assistance ecosystem.

"The Housing Services Portal is an innovative extension to our already widely used platform," Bill Neely, Executive Director for SACRD, told the City of San Antonio's official website. With plans to offer ongoing training and instructional videos, SACRD is keen on spreading the word about the portal, providing tools and knowledge for community partners and agencies to assist locals efficiently, and effectively.

The SACRD Housing Services Portal is available at, promising routine training for community partners and instructional resources to ensure it becomes an integral part of the housing solution in San Antonio.